After weeks – yes, weeks – of dismal, damp, rainy, cool weather, we woke this morning to a sunlit garden, clear golden light filtering through the trees. No matter that the pool is brown as the Zambezi, after last week’s monsoon weather that washed mud by the bucketload into the pool that we had just had drained and refilled. Yes, I know I am mixing geographies, the grammar is a little wonky. The point is, it is amazing how a little sunlight can brighten your outlook on life.

This morning I meet with our finance director to discuss the next big transition in this 56 year old’s life: moving on from the secure (relatively) status of director to that of contracted consultant. At an earlier meeting, a week ago, with Kris and our CEO, Andre, the outline of an agreement was reached; Kris and I now need to go over the details.

In essence what is proposed is a two year contract, scaling down over time from full time to half time, and with three months’ notice on either side. Proposed start date: 1 May. I am anxious, of course, about the risks – will I get work, will my cash flow hold up – but very aware too of the risks of staying on in my current job, past my sell-by date, and more and more positive, conversely, about the personal rewards of being able to manage my own time, choose (to some extent anyway) what I want to work on and when – and quite excited about the greater flexibility and mobility that life as an independent consultant might offer. Not least, the potential to work from Cape Town, Toronto, or anywhere else, for that matter.

The house has dominated our time and our imaginations, these past three weeks; it is time now to think about the other big questions in my life: work, love, and life itself. And at the end of this week, Friday 5th, my divorce should finally be approved – another major milestone, an end and a beginning to ponder on and celebrate.

Time to get moving….