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Here, just to reinforce my point about the vicious and crass Malema not being a uniquely South African phenomenon, is a sleazy, ugly, US neocon blog – the only, but crucial difference as my good friend Mark from Pennsylvania reminds me, is that the ‘solid center’ holds in the US – the loony tunes sing themselves to sleep at night, but no-one else listens…

I worry about who is listening to our little fascist and racist, here, in the beloved country: I worry that the swill he spews joins, with little overt objection, the mainstream of our social, political and human discourse. I worry about what he is, and what he represents.

I also know, that Julius Malema shines a blinding torch into the darkest crannies of our society: our stark inequality; our polarisation; our lawlessness; our incivility; our greed and violence. Deal with these, and we deal with Julius Malema.