In the next two months, I need to:

  • get an electrical clearance certificate for the Emmarentia property
  • find a new home for Rob and me to rent; somewhere convenient, with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and an office
  • book a removal company
  • pack up the Emmarentia house (second move this year!)
  • move into a new home, or place my goods in storage
  • in readiness for my visit to Canada and the US in August to meet Rob’s family, and the few days that Rob and I will spend in London with Jonathan and Hayley, stand in line for a US visa, a UK visa (we didn’t use to need these, but since our South African passports have become such fraudulent currency, the UK has clamped down) and a Schengen visa, for the stopover in Paris
  • lead and manage a task team on policy, legislation and governance in the Further Education and Training (FET) colleges sector
  • write a critical analysis of Further Education and Training policy, legislation and implementation from the 1998 White Paper (in which I had something of a hand) to the present
  • interview key FET informants
  • Develop a proposal for a new business initiative in FET and skills
  • Help to plan and sell the Learning Partnership for School Improvement that I have been instrumental in shaping
  • Do the preparatory work for a report on the state of schooling in South Africa, and the role of business, for the first Learning Partnership Forum
  • advise on the development of proposals for a provincial education and skills development forum
  • find new work to supplement my income from July, when the level of effort on my contract with my former employer steps down from full-time to part-time
  • start looking out for someone able and willing to marry Rob and me on 21 December
  • oh, and there must be other stuff, but it’s Friday afternoon, and I can’t be bothered right now….

All I can think is this: it’s a good job I lead a quiet life – I don’t think I could handle a busy one!