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These things are not settled with money. In some profound sense, I think, they are never really settled – one makes amends, if that is possible, moves on, allows the scar tissue to grow over the raw scar. And yet, in an important sense, too, there are moments of closure.

Today, I settled a debt. Closed a chapter.

Today, finally, the money for the Emmarentia house came through, and twenty minutes later, thanks to online banking, I had paid Eileen in full, for her share of the property.

I sent her an sms, to say I had transferred the money, and to say I was sorry for the delay.

There has been no response – quite possibly, she has not yet got the message.

Quite possibly, she has not got the message.

Somewhere in the human condition, there must be, one hopes, possibilities for forgiveness, for reconciliation?

Let’s not wait until one of us is dead and buried, please, Eileen. One can’t make one’s peace with a corpse. Better we deal with the living.