To quote, or misquote, or perhaps to paraphrase: ‘there are some people who think soccer is a matter of life and death. They are wrong. It’s far more important than that.’

Germany and England get down to it this afternoon, kicking off a few minutes from now: the South African announcer has just referred to the ‘chairmens’ – meaning, I suppose, Germans. The referee, in screen, is doing a happy jig, as the players and officials wait to come on. The players though look tense, expectant…and there go the flags, carried out onto the field: who could not be thrilled and excited? The stadium is packed, as well it might be.

Enough of this chatter: bring it on, I say!

Alongside all this hoopla, ordinary life goes on. I must say something, one of these days, about my first two months as an independent consultant: but somehow, right now, I doubt if anyone else would be interested. For the next 90 minutes, frankly, I’m not interested!