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This morning I was in Lehurutshe, a rural township close to the Botswana border, where Rob and I crossed on our way back from our first trip together, overland to Namibia, in December 2006. Before I got on the road from Mafikeng, at seven, I had the hotel fax through to the travel agent our booking for our return trip to Botswana – four years later, Rob and I  will fly in to a bush camp in a light plane, in the Okavango Delta, for our honeymoon. I wonder if we really knew, back then in 2006, what kind of a journey we were undertaking….

But before we fly out on honeymoon, I have to fetch my future wife; and before I bring her home to South Africa I will meet with her family at a family reunion in Saugatuck, Michigan, and stop over in London to visit Jonathan, my son, and Hayley, his girlfriend, and Mike, my good friend.

I leave for Toronto a week today. By this time, next week, I should be well settled in on the Air France flight – glass of wine, magazine, headphones on. And exhausted enough, I suspect, to have no need of a sleeping pill.

But I shall pop one anyway.