We have been back precisely a week, Rob and I, in our Emmarentia home (we have reached the stage where it is necessary to clarify – when we talk of home, are we referring to Toronto, or Johannesburg? Emmarentia, or our next, still to be identified, Johannesburg lodgings?). Apropos of which, the transfer documents for the Emmarentia property were due to have been lodged at last, with the Johannesburg deeds office today, meaning amongst other things that we will need to be ready to vacate in favour of the new owners within the next two to three weeks.

We are working on it. More precisely, Rob is working on it – delving through rental advertisements on Gumtree, taking me online to discuss the more likely candidates, making lists and notes and placing calls and emails, talking with estate agents: target date, 1 October. Target zone: northern suburbs. While working on all this, Rob is also working on a Canadian TV budget, on her South African Life Partner visa, and thinking about thank-you notes and weddings. I meanwhile have been plunged back into work, with little time to think or plan ahead – I am just a wee bit anxious about the need to line up new work, for October and beyond, but right now this week is key, and all-consuming.

And yet, somehow, we managed to have a good, albeit busy weekend: Saturday we bought a new refrigerator, reconnoitered a property (Rob more enthusiastic than I was, about the property that is), shopped for groceries, took in a movie at Cinema Nouveau, came home and watched another movie on the box before falling happily exhausted into bed; Sunday morning I satisfied a need that has been intensifying (now then, you prudes!) ever since I set sail at the beginning of the month for Canada, spending a couple of hours on my novel with an almost physical sense of relief, after which we read the papers together, chatted, called my mom, made a braai, sent a few personal emails – you get the idea.

It will be like this for the rest of the month, until we have moved house. It will be quite like this, for a while longer, as we move on to wedding plans and arrangements, as Rob figures out how to make a living in South Africa and I look to set up new work, as we work day by day to shape our new life together in the midst of all this bustle and activity.