Tomorrow I am up again at an ungodly hour, this time to get the 5.50am flight from Jo’burg to East London. Another day, another college. Wednesday I must get written sign-off on a new project proposal which was approved this morning, and get started on the work. Already I have set up two research interviews, and there is more to be done, against a December deadline that already is just around the corner. Thursday it is meetings at the NBI, and Friday I fly down to Cape Town for a planning workshop with provincial government people. Rob is going down ahead of me on Thursday and will stay with my mom; we will have a few days together in the Cape before flying home on Sunday.

Just around the corner, too, is our wedding, and this afternoon Rob and I met with Chris, who will conduct the ceremony at Roots on the summer solstice, to go over the proceedings and the arrangements. Rob’s ring should be ready this week for fitting, and I must talk to Jono and confirm with Eve that the three children will play for us on the big day. Kathy meanwhile has been rifling through recipes and cookery books and planning the wedding cake; Rob has been thinking about flowers and buttonholes and bouquets. I must set up an appointment with our attorney to do our wills and the antenuptial contract. The plan is that November is for finalising the plans for the wedding; December is for the wedding itself and for family.

Along with all the above we have had some fun playing with ideas for a TV show, and today Rob sent through a ‘pitch’ to a production company in Canada, with both our names on it and our claim to the intellectual property rights carefully reserved. It’s about cars and food and travel, and if it weren’t that it is so terrific an idea and one which is bound, beyond doubt, to make us filthy rich, I would share it with you, right now!

And so our lives putter busily on – work and the personal intertwined, just as our two lives are becoming intertwined – all of it good, even as, every now and then, one of us stops and catches breath, and gets all choked up at the momentous simplicity and significance of it all.