What’s up, you might ask – my last blog was last Wednesday, and it says something about the nature of the week past that I have not found time to jot even a line. The week to come will be no better, and the rest of the month and into early December promises to be full and somewhat fraught, with projects and deadlines to be met and the work piling up.

I want to write something about the a cappella concert Rob and I attended in Illovo on Saturday evening; about the smoked barbecued duck we tried out in the Weber for lunch yesterday, as a Christmas possibility; about the trial wedding cake we sampled with Kathy and Gareth yesterday afternoon – but there simply isn’t time right now and if I did somehow make time, you would think that all this stuff about the work piling up and deadlines looming was – well, so much stuff and nonsense.

Believe me, it ain’t. I have forty five college plans and budgets to review (done 20 so far); a trip to KwaZulu Natal tomorrow to work with colleges in difficulty; a workshop on the NBI’s Learning Partnership on Thursday to prepare for and lead; interviews to do for another project due to be submitted by the end of the month – you get the idea.

So I will have to wait, and so will you, before I can reveal more about the other side of life. Except to say, perhaps, that the other side continues, and Rob, dear Rob, is taking care of it all.