A quiet Sunday morning, Rob still snoozing under the duvet after sleeping poorly on Friday night, and a busy day yesterday: to the butcher’s in the morning to stock up the freezer and prepare for our South African-Australian visitors on Wednesday; to the florists for floral tape and flowers for a test bouquet that Rob plans to make today; on to the Kim Sacks gallery in Rosebank to pick out possible wedding gifts; and finally on to George’s on 4th for a slow relaxed lunch. Back home there was a flurry of calls, from Rob’s sister Cynthia in Detroit, her good friend Boyd in Toronto, from my mom in Cape Town and my daughter Kathy here in Johannesburg. There is a buzz about; things are happening.

All of this was to some extent clouded however by an email from Rob’s niece Lory yesterday morning, that she would not be able to make it to the wedding, after all. We were expecting her in just over two weeks, had planned to take her up to the Pilanesberg game reserve for a day, and Rob had all sorts of plans to rope her in for the wedding – and so Rob was saddened, and a little crushed I think, at this unexpected development. It seems it can’t be helped, however; we have to move on.

On a brighter note, I had several calls from Jonathan, my son, shopping for cognac and cigars in the Heathrow duty-free on Thursday evening, and on Friday there was a happy phone call from him, basking in 29-degree sunshine in Cape Town: Hayley, his girlfriend still back in London, had told him it was minus 3 in London, he said gleefully, and a big freeze was coming.

And so we progress. I am working like mad on my last big report for the year, sitting at my desk in front of the computer until my neck aches and my eyes begin to tire…. Rob is keeping the agenda moving. I have had little time for reflection, as things converge towards our big moment. Time is speeding up, and life, as John Lennon observed, is happening all about me while I am busy with other things. I have a deep, a bone-deep, soul-deep need to pause, to draw breath, to lift my head up from the work and activity that is keeping me so busy, and simply to think, and feel, to contemplate and absorb what is happening, what is about to happen.

Another week, and I can begin to breathe. Two weeks, and I can let myself live wholly in the coming moment.