Mid-afternoon, warm and a little humid back at home here in Johannesburg. Rob is asleep in our bedroom, exhausted after four consecutive nights of entertaining, a perfectly wonderful wedding, and all the drama and emotion of the past few days. Cynthia is asleep in the guest bedroom. She made it just in time for the wedding, after an agonising couple of hours of confusion and uncertainty at the airport – a tale to be told on another occasion. And I am upstairs in my office, after an urgent visit to the dentist – the loss of a humungous filling on Monday night, just before the wedding, being but one of the incidents and occurrences that have taken place in these days that have passed in a blur of events and activity.

It will take quite a while to absorb the past few days, to make sense of it all and get a sense of the shape and feel and weight of it. It is too early to share any thoughts or open a window into my feelings and sensations. But let me say this: the wedding was perfectly wonderful (have I said this already?). Rob looked gorgeous in a vividly coloured dress purchased at the last moment against the possibility of Cynthia’s non-arrival; the ceremony was a mere twenty minutes, but meaningful and sincere and deeply personal; the setting and the food and wine at Roots were pretty fabulous; breakfast the next morning at The Cradle restaurant, on the deck overlooking the gorge where the earliest humans walked, was magical.

Most important of all, some (though not all) of the people who are most important to us were there to witness and to celebrate with us: and the love and warmth from everyone, the happiness for Rob and me, were palpable and deeply moving. There were messages too, from friends far and near, and Rob and I felt, I can truly say, both humbled and grateful for the goodness we felt coming from so many quarters, from the people at Roots to our wedding photographer, Danielle Pretorius, from the people at The Cradle and many others.

It was pouring when the wedding started; thunder and rain and spikes of vivid lightning. Rain, people told us, is a good omen. And then, as our officiant, Chris Page sms’d as we were on our way to the venue, not only were we marrying on the summer solstice, but with a full moon and lunar eclipse, too: ‘VERY auspicious for a wedding ceremony!’ Chris wrote. ‘Adds a strong nurturing, compassionate, empathetic and caring quality to the marriage.’

Auspicious days indeed. My wife and I are played out, still finding our feet, but very, very happy.