We woke this morning to a home that was ours again – calm, quiet, deeply serene after the excitement and bustle of the past few weeks. It was wonderful to have everyone here for the wedding; wonderful to spend time with family, to entertain and to travel – but it feels deeply rewarding, now, to have our lives back again, to pick up the thread of our daily routines, to get back to work, back into our own happy and contented and busy little world.

Time this morning, to think and feel and imagine my way back into my novel, to write and reflect; time to get back into my consulting work, to blow on the embers of professional and business contacts, time to sit down with Rob and talk about her plans and employment options.

But the real news flash is this: just a short while ago, an email arrived informing Rob that her South African residence visa has just been approved. She can stay; she will be able to work; and South Africa is now truly her home. Well, one of her homes – and now we have only to wait for the outcome of my Canadian residence application, to be in the rather lucky position, where we should have two homes, two countries, hopefully, that we can call our own.