Days of rain and grey skies extend from the past week or more and seemingly into the foreseeable future. Occasionally the sun peeps through; sometimes a monkey’s wedding of sunshine through drizzle, sometimes, as now, a temporary clearing of the skies before rain and gloom, again, sets in.

Toronto just recently has had wind-chill factors of minus 26, I point out to Rob, cheerfully – think of that, when you look out the window.

Rob sits at her computer, looking for work. I sit at mine, reading a report on higher education which I have been asked to review and revise, waiting for leads and opportunities to turn into contracts.

We are weighing the options, for a return to Canada; for a family celebration of our wedding, in the US; for a wedding party for friends in Toronto. Mid-year seems likely, but not certain. Uncertainty, indeed, best describes our current state of being.

Quietly, methodically, nonetheless, we are setting about our future, even if, when we look up, the skies sometimes seem a little grey.