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BBC News – Egypt unrest: Possible scenarios.

I wrote the other day about the unfolding events in Egypt, and the messages (unclear, confused, contradictory and both hopeful and alarming) that they send to despotisms elsewhere in the world, not least in the rest of Africa and on our own border. Theresa, writing from the States, commented on the huge risks as well as the democratic possibilities contained in this historic ‘big bang’ moment – what kind of political and moral universe will emerge, remains to be seen. Against this backdrop, you might be interested in the scenarios – simplistic perhaps, as they are – sketched in this BBC article.

Change in Zim will be no less fraught and fateful, one can be fairly sure – but change will and must come, in the end. The question though is at what price, and with what result.

Have our politicians and diplomats given these questions real, deep, soul-searching thought? Or are ‘struggle’ loyalties and a misguided, unprincipled Africanism to trump our national interest, and all political and social morality?