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Air France still sucks. Remember they lost my luggage, when I visited Toronto last August, and shunted me from pillar to post for days before I found it, myself, back at the airport?

Remember they told me to go out and buy myself some basic necessities, to tide me over until my luggage showed up? Remember, they promised to refund me for this?

Remember, I tried for days to locate someone here in Johannesburg, when I got back home – or someone anywhere in fact – to submit my claim to, until finally I succumbed, and Rob sweetly put all the receipts together and posted them off, as instructed by Air France’s obscure, inscrutable and obstructive website, to some Africa-wide central office – in Egypt, I think! – for processing and refunding?

Do you think we have heard one word since, from Air France? Do you think I have received one red cent in compensation, from Air France?

If you think that pigs can fly, then think again!

Nothing. Nyet. Not a penny. Customer service is a foreign concept, to those flying whatevers at Air France. As Rob says, they all went to the Soviet school of customer relations – with refresher courses held in Cuba or North Korea, no doubt.

So here’s the pitch – if you want to strike a blow against the indifference and insolence of airlines, pass this message on, and let them feel some customer dissatisfaction for a change!