This congestive cold is clinging to nose, eyes and throat like slime on a river bed. Slept all Sunday, almost. Spent most of yesterday in bed, sleeping on and off. Worked for most of today, from my bed.

That’s progress, I guess. Can’t remember when last I was clobbered like this – five years, ten?

Rob has been a sweetie, and we have managed to turn all this into a few laughs, here and there. Stuff like, ‘are you sure we promised “in sickness and in health?!”‘ ‘You should have checked the warranty.’ Etc, etc.

Grace, our helper, left me a note today:

“Hi, Mr Fisher

I wish u a good recovery and have strong and healthy body again.

May God be with u and give u strength.

With lots of luv

From Grace”

Thank you, Grace. And amen to that.