You can tell I am (temporarily) a bachelor again, from the food: lunch yesterday, my own home-made minestrone, from the freezer; dinner last night, Rob’s beef stew, from the freezer; dinner tonight, Rob’s lamb stew, from the freezer. But tomorrow I shall cut loose a little bit and do a couple of veal chops, bought today at Thrupps – as Rob says, I like to plan my meals ahead.

The house is cold, although the days have been mild and bright; and the bed is cold, and empty too. Harder to warm up, on your own.

I’m glad Rob is off in Toronto, doing the Art Walk, having a barbecue with Boyd and the gang, meeting up with Stacey and Lesley and other friends for lunch or coffee or a walk – going through her accumulated mail, going through her bills, doing her taxes. It’s good to have a life, on both sides of the water; good that we both should stay connected to our roots, our separate and independent lives, our friends and our families.

But it will be good, too, when Rob gets back home to her husband; good when we both can be in our little house in Toronto together; good when we can have transcontinental synchronicity, as well as independence.

Bit by bit, we learn to move together, in the dance. Let go, come back.