I was saying to Rob last night, Can you believe it, last year this time, we were not yet married! In fact, we were not even on the same continent – Rob was in Toronto, preparing to leave for South Africa, I was in South Africa, preparing to leave for Toronto. We had been six long months apart. Rattling around alone in my big old empty house in Emmarentia, poised for departure, our Engagement Party, hosted by Gail and Bill with fifty of Rob’s close friends, the Herman family reunion in Saugatuck, our visit to London and Kent to see Jono and meet his girlfriend Hayley for the first time, and to be wined, dined and walked flat to the floorboards by our good friend Mike, all still pending.

Three weeks later, to the day, we were celebrating Rob’s birthday, back here in Johannesburg – together again, and with a house to move, a wedding to prepare for, a honeymoon in the Okavango and on the Zambezi to look forward to.

All of which tells me that time is no slouch or layabout, but a rather industrious little busy-body. Got to get on with the job of living! If the past year has brought us this far, where will we be, I wonder, physically and existentially, when the next birthday rolls around? And the one after that? After that? After that?