Just one word, folks, says it all: APPROVED.

The notice has arrived, so appropriately, on Rob’s birthday. The actual words in a  Canadian High Commission email received just minutes ago, ‘Dear Mr Fisher, We wish to advise that we are ready to issue your immigrant visa,’ skate smoothly over the vast reverberating significance of it all.

I had hoped the news might arrive on my birthday; when it didn’t I thought, how nice, if it could show up on Rob’s. And it has.

It was Rob’s idea, to go for this; it was Rob’s persistence and hours and hours of labour, putting together a portfolio of evidence containing emails, airtickets, photos, notes and birthday cards, that made it possible; Rob’s pestering and encouragement, that got me to go through with it.

Not only the gods, it seems, are just: so too, this once, are the Canadian authorities.