It is amazing how we have gone in just a couple of weeks from winter, to spring, to the first violent thunderstorm of summer. An icy plunge into single digit temperatures and a bone-chilling wind straight off the Drakensberg snow – snow as close, in fact, as Vereeniging, just 70km south of here – was swiftly followed by balmy spring, clear, warm, sunny – the brown highveld bathing in pink morning skies and soft, delicate dusks. Then, last night, the heavy artillery – gun flashes, thunder, a pelting rain. It was as if someone had flipped a switch, on and off, or changed the reel of a film.

Our own movie is preparing to change, also. Three months today, exactly, I board the plane for Toronto – a new life, in a sense, certainly a new home and a new endeavour.

Meanwhile I am slightly shocked to find that I have written 30 pages on the engineering curriculum – with the days counting down and a report to finish, I shall have to be more succinct. There is plenty else to do, before we go.