It has been a while since I pulled a stunt like this – thirteen solid hours, 4.30am to 5.30pm, sat at my computer, editing, formatting and in parts rewriting my 130 page report to the Engineering Council. My brain, when finally I pushed back my office chair with a sigh, was a mess of mushy peas. But the job is done, the culmination of six months’ work. Or very nearly.

On Monday I shall write the final chapter – conclusion and recommendations – and post it through the ether, with my invoice. Meanwhile, I have given myself the weekend off – Rob too, in a sense, I guess. Later this morning we will go out for massages, then perhaps have lunch somewhere, and a stroll through Art in the Park, at Zoo Lake.

It’s been a fascinating project, hopefully it may lead to further things, and it is a piece of work, anyhow, which pleases me quite a bit. But it is a wonderful relief, too, to be about to wrap it up, and hand it on; to have time again to go back to my writing; to begin sorting out all the dozens of things that will need to be sorted out, over the next two months; to have discretionary time, and space to think, take stock, and ready myself for The Next Big Thing.