In front of City Hall, TO

At fifty six, my life seems suddenly more open-ended and in some senses more uncertain, than it was when I was twenty. This blog is about the transition – post-divorce, an exhilarating and scary shift in career from lifelong employee to independent consultant, and a burning desire finally to do the things I’ve wanted to do – to a new life.

Note that I didn’t say ‘better’, though of course, I do hope and intend that it will be a better life. Perhaps, if you follow this story with me, you’ll get to see.

3 thoughts on “About”

  1. Glen this all terribly exiting. So empathise with the emotions around Kathy’s wedding – resonate with mine when Kirsten and Steve tied the know 8 years ago… then there are the grandchildren… more intense emotions and memories and then the life changes with a ‘foreign’ partner – lots of excitement and moves in faith and esciting re-inventions building on past existences!! and on it goes. We celebrated ournew home with champagne in the pool on a very hot Queensland evening!! – sll that lovely water to appease the spirits. I have invited the priest from the cathedral to bless our home – a few disappointed spirits here too although unkown to us, the neighbours reported. Go with the novel buddy – it’s been growing for the last 35 years at least. Keep up posted. Love and hugs

    • Thanks for lovely msg. Enjoy your new home – Rob and I have had a couple of revitalising dips in our pool, too.

      I am definitely going to give the novel a go – and see if I can push the boat out a bit with my writing. I said to Rob today, the solution to our two-country dilemma lies in writing – that way, it doesn’t matter where I live 🙂

      Just the small matter of earning an income, I guess!

      Regards to all


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